July 2017 Minutes

The Northern Neck Beekeepers Club met on July 10th at 7pm at St Stephens Church in Heathsville VA.  June minutes and treasurer reports were reviewed and accepted.


New Business:

New Business cards were made and a new vinyl poster with our information on it was also made.  It will be used at our NNBC booths.  An invoice will be sent to the treasurer. 


We are giving Mike Church five hundred dollars for all he has done for our club.  We are also giving four hundred dollars to St. Stephens.



Boots and Barbecue is on September 24 and Dave Holt will set up the booth for that event.

Stratford Hall Wine and Oyster Festival will be on September 16th and 17th.Chuck Cox will run our booth for that event.

Chuck has been taking care of the hives at Stratford Hall. He had found three hives that have not been looked at for three years.  They are strong hives but the hive materials themselves need to be replaced.  It was agreed that Chuck would be reimbursed for the equipment to improve those hives. 



Nectar flow is slowing down.  The queen is also maybe slowing in production.  Because the queen is slowing down the mites have nowhere to hide.  There will be more of a mite drop.

Need to do a mite count.  You can use the confectionary sugar roll.  This involves a pint jar with a wide mouth.  Use a #8 screen for the top.  Put one tablespoon of confectionary sugar in the jar.  Take a frame of brood(without the queen) and turn it to its side.  Shake down in a plastic bucket. Nurse bees will fall into bucket.  Take a half cup and scoop bees into jar.  Shake jar around to get the sugar around the bees.  Turn jar over and dump sugar through screen onto a tray. 

Half cup bees are about three hundred bees. If you see nine mites you will need to treat. That is about three percent. 


You could do a alcohol test instead.  Make it so you can attach two wide open jars.  Put half cup of rubbing alcohol into one jar.  Add the bees into that jar.  Have a screen in between jars.  When you dump the alcohol into the other jar it will show the mites in the jar with the alcohol. 


If you need to treat you can use Apivar or Oxalic acid.

John Olivier uses the Oxalic Acid treatment. You have to watch the temperature outside to do Oxalic treatment. 

It is a good idea to rotate treatments.  If you do Apivar too much the bees may become resistant.


John Olivier talked how he learned to make a contraption to use oxalic acid for the hives.  He watched a youtube video and found through trial and error he can make it cheaper than buying one. 


One of our members (Steve) can make it for you for a cost.  You would also need hundred foot cord to plug in at home or a inverter to plug into your car.  Also you will need to wear a mask.  Make sure if you use the surgical masks that they have TC on the package.

If you need any further information on using oxalic acid please talk with John Olivier. 


If you have a small brood make sure you reduce supers to meet their size. They need to protect themselves over small hive beetles and wax moths. 


Next month we will talk about getting ready for the winter. 

It’s a good time to re-queen in July and August. 


Mike Church talked about the VSBA meeting on June 15th at Ferrum College.

They had great speakers at the event. 

One of the areas they talked about is when we need a vet for bacterial diseases.  Trying to find a vet who understands European Foulbrood.  If you take your frame that has diseased brood to the vet and he sees it he will give you a prescription.  The vet doesnt have to come out to the hive


Volunteers are still needed for : Training

Class Coordinator

Nuc Coordinator


Meeting was adjourned at 9pm.  Our next meeting will be on August 14th at St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Heathsville, VA.  The meeting will begin at 7pm.


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