November 2017 Minutes

The Northern Neck Beekeepers met on November 13 with Jim Elkin opening at 7pm. The minutes were approved. Dave Holt gave the treasurer’s report which is attached to these minutes.


Fran King gave a report on a training class. The books and junk drives are here. The flyer has updated by Almeda McKenney at the Northumberland County Extension Service. The first class will be February 5th. You can register through the NCES but must pay through Dave Holt.

There are teachers for all the classes except Class 2 Equipment. Jim Elkin volunteered to teach that class if necessary.

Hyte gave the t-shirt report. We will be able to order long sleeve and short sleeve in navy and yellow. The prices will be Small - XLarge $15.00 short sleeve/$18.00 long sleeve. From 2X to 4X the cost will be $18.00 short sleeve/$20.00 Long sleeve. Samples will be provided at the December meeting.

Mal Lewbkert gave a report on labels for honey jars. He provided several samples which all had disclaimers and information. There is a label book with stock labels or you can take your own art work. There is a fifty label minimum order at 75 cents per label and the club will be given a commission. An order of a thousand will go down.

Mike Church:

It is time to go to sugar patties for feeding for those hives that do not have enough stores. Take advantage of a sixty degree day to go to in the hive and add sugar patties.

It is time to block north wind with a hay bale or other wind block.

Entrance reducers and mouse guards should be on hives.

There is very little brood production now. Lighter color bees seem to have more brood. Darker bees seem to have less brood.

Good time to use oxalic acid in the next month to knock out mites by December. This gives us a heads start to laying brood in March with a low mite count.

Mentors are needed-all club members are encouraged to serve as mentors. We would like to have mentor assigned by the second class. We are all qualified.

Pollen can be added to sugar patties in late December. If they need pollen they will take it, if not it will be icky and you can scrape it off.

You can have small hive beetles through winter so keep an eye out for them.

It is a good time by mid December to start looking at equipment houses to add or replace equipment as there sales begin. Order early to ensure you get what you want.

Frame replacement: Replace wax frames every three to five years as they are gathering places for pesticide, viruses, diseases, etc… When they start to look shiny and the cells are round it is time to replace them.

Wooden Frames: Take a knife and go around all edges and corners. A paint can opener works well for this. You can also use a solar wax melter.

The next meeting is December 11th. It will be our annual Pot Luck Dinner. Please come and bring your favorite dish.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05

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