August 2017 Minutes


NNBK met on 14 August , St Stephens Church, Heathsville Va at 7 pm  Minutes and treasurers  report from July were reviewed and approved.  David Holt advised members that the Stratford Hall hives were still in the black.  


No formal report from the Education Committee, Ted Munns did provide a couple articles from local papers about Beekeeping. Articles were passed around the room for review.  Upcoming events  are Wine and Oysters at Stratford Hall on 17-18 September and Boots and BBQ on Sept 24th.  Chuck Cox is the point of contact for Stratford Hall, he still needs a few volunteers for Saturday.    Boots and BBQ will be held at Fran Kings place at 755 Grove Mount Farm in Richmond  County, more info available at


This year the Eastern Apiculture Society met in Newark De.  Find information about EAS at,  Next year the conference will be held in Hamton Va on August  13-17.   Mark your calendars now, they will need lots of volunteers from Virginia Beekeepers clubs to help host this event.


2018 Beekeepers class will begin on  5 Feb and run 8 weeks.  Course is 100.00 .  Families may attend together with only one member required to pay.  Tuition includes books and first years dues in NNBK


The club would like to start hosting Saturday specialty classes such as nuc prep, queen rearing, etc.  If you have a topic that you would like to see specialty classes in, please let the club President know.  John Olivier agreed to be the Queen Coordinator the for the next year.  As such, he will be responsible for keeping track of who has queen for sale, and possible setting up some queen rearing classes.  Matt Miller (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) has agreed to be the clubs NUC coordinator.  Contact Matt about buying or selling NUCS


In preparation for the upcoming class, those who are willing to be mentors for new beekeepers please call and give your name and address to John Elkins.  We would like to have mentors ready to assign  at the beginning of the class.


Notes from Mike

Mike talked about full hive management, and those things that are so important for beekeepers to know and practice

Preparation for wintering you hive has to start early in the fall, and should encompass the following 4 areas

  1. Equipment Management:  remove your queen excluders, have your mouse guards ready to install, reduce the entrance size to precent robbing
  2. Population:  Guage the strengths of your hives, perform splits or combines as necessary, build up the hive strength to help the hive over winter.      Prepare your hive bodies with thoughts toward cluster in the center surrounded by food sources (pollen, honey)

III  Mite and Pest Control:  do your mite counts now, treat as necessary.  continue to check and treat as necessary, as queen slows down, less brood to harbor mites.  Fall treatments are very effective

IV Food and Stores: Manage the amount of honey you take, be sure to leave enough for the hive to overwinter.  there isn't much out there for them right now so consider feeding if you hives appear to be low on food sources 

Bottom line - you don't know whats happening in your hive and cannot accomplish those things necessary to help your hives overwinter if you don't look into the hive and know whats happening.  

You want your hives to have a good queen, effective frame set up, lots of food and as few pests as possible as winter approaches.  


The next meeting will be held on Monday, Sept 11 at 7pm



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