May 2017 Minutes

The Northern Neck Beekeepers Club met on May 8, 2017 at St. Stephen’s Church in Heathsville, VA. President John Olivier called the meeting to order at 7:07pm.

There was big turnout of members.

Minutes were read and approved. Some are still not getting the minutes. They will be sent separately.


Treasurer’s Report:

A donation was made by the Chesapeake Garden Club for fifty dollars. Ted Munson has given them some help. The net worth off our club is 8, 754 dollars. The treasurer report was approved.



The Warsaw Healthy Kids Day was a success. Hyte Smith and Chris Panther represented the club at the event.

Strawberry Festival will be held on May 27th in Heathsville. John O. will bring his observation hive to the event. A sheet was passed around for volunteers to work.


Nominations and Elections:

2017 – 2018 Officers are:

President – John Elkin

Vice President – Jack Sheehan

Treasurer – Dave Holt

Secretary – Chris Panther and Hyte Smith


The new president will determine the new education chairman.


Mike Church:

Nectar flow started in early March with the Autumn Olive. This pulled in a lot of nectar. The hives ran out of brood space and caused a lot of swarming. Currently Tulip Poplar and Locust are blooming. It was noted that bees were very active in the afternoon. Probably because of cooler mornings. Blackberry Holly and Wine Berries are to come. There is excellent nectar flow this year. It was suggest to keep putting on supers as a strong hive can fill a medium super in ten days or less. Strong hives should have five supers or maybe more. There should be a lingering nectar flow till June and swarming is not over.


Keep an eye on verora mites as hives will not be good producers of honey with a mite problem. Use oxalic acid if no brood after a swarm. It was noted that this week is a good week for mite away quick strips because of the cooler temperatures.


Mike demonstrated a Ross Rounds Frame. This makes round comb honey. Order equipment from Mann Lake or Brushy Mount.


Small hive beetles are starting to expand. Wax Moths are now beginning. When it gets into the seventies they will expand. If the hive is weaker reduce it. That way they can protect against wax moths and hive beetles. It is the larvae of the both that are the problem of the hive. Continue inspections for both into October.

Honey Extraction: It is time to get all the materials in place. Extraction should occur at the end of June or early July. Late July take splits to start new hives.


Bait Hives were discussed. For a bait hive one should use drawn comb, a sponge with three to five drops of lemongrass oil, and elevate the hive.


Mike brought locust honey comb for members to try.


Jim Elkin made a announcement for a Solar Cooperative in the Northern Neck. VASUN : a sign up sheet was passed around if anyone was interested. It was noted that it’s a tax benefit.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm. Next meeting will be held on Monday June 12th at 7pm at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Heathsville, Va.


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