January 2017 Minutes

The Northern Neck Beekeepers Club met on January 16th, 2017 at St. Stephen’s Church in Heathsville, VA. President John Olivier called the meeting to order at 7pm. The December minutes were approved. John Oliver gave the financial report, which was approved.


Education Report:


*2017 Bee Keeping Course:

Flyers have been sent out. The course will be from February 6th to April 3rd with a cost of $100. The class will be held on Monday nights for 8 weeks from 7pm to 9pm. At this time we have eleven signed up.

Mentoring is a very important part of the program and we need more volunteers to step up as mentors. Serving as a mentor is also a great benefit to the mentor.

All bee club members are welcomed and encouraged to come to any of the classes.


*Fran asked if we need more business cards for NNBC. John asked if we could look into that in the spring. Ted may have some at this time.


*Gateway Beekeepers Association:

March 11th at the Citizen Center in King George from 9am to 5pm. The cost is twenty dollars. Michael Bush will be there to speak. He lives in Nebraska and has a website BushFarms.com. This is one of the websites Mike goes to for help. He wrote a book. He goes towards working with the bees naturally. He is a small cell comb advocate.


*John talked about his observation hive. His queen has started to lay. Make sure you are feeding the bees if needed. At this time last year it was warm and the bees were laying.

* Mike sent an attachment that provides information on times to go into the hives and how much to inspect it by temperature that day. You can find this attached to these minutes.

* Mike explained we should not be having any wax moths or mites at this time. Its too cold. It is time now to get your equipment ready for the spring. You will be getting busy in March. Should have a nuc box for each box. You can be feeding sugar water when the night temperature gets up to forty degrees.

*As of January 1st if you need antibiotics for your bees, you will need a prescription from a vet. Gateway has a vet. If your bees get EFB, the vet has to come out and inspect the hive. The closest vet is in Fairfax, VA.


The next meeting will be held on February 13th at St. Stephen’s Church, Heathsville , VA at 6pm-7pm. The Bee Class is at 7pm.



The meeting adjourned at 8:00. Mary brought a wonderful cake.


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