October 2016 Minutes

The Northern Neck Beekeepers Club met on October 10th at 7pm at Stephens Church in Heathsville VA. President John Olivier opened the meeting. The minutes and treasurer report for September were approved.

During the minutes report the need for funds was requested for education visuals. Gary Yordy will look into purchasing items such as:

Coloring books for children; national honey board handouts “ Story of Honey” and “Story of Pollinators”.

It was discussed that we already have a training hive. Lynn Savarese is cleaning her garage where the club’s education materials will be stored.


The bee vac is still missing. Does anyone know where it is???


Hyte Smith will investigate new hats and shirts with the beekeeper’s logo.

Education: Dr. Gregory passed away. At his service little jars of honey were given in his memory. The NNBC will honor him at our Christmas dinner. The secretaries will get a card and send it to Betty Gregory.

Dave Holt gave the report that Boots and Barbeque was well attended. Lots of bee questions. He also reported people signed up for information on a beekeeping class.

Stratford Hall Wine and Oyster Festival was also well attended. People signed up for new class info.

General Discussion:

The concern of keeping bees safe against pesticides was brought up. It was discussed that grain producers have little effect on the bees; however back yard gardeners over using pesticides have a greater impact. A new danger has emerged with the Zitka Virus.

An all volunteer group is trying to develop a plan for Managed Pollinator Protection for bee keepers with under one hundred hives. This is being directed by the EPA . It has not been developed yet. Also coming is a google app “Drift Watch and Bee Watch” where you can put in your location. You would be notified when spraying occurs in your area. If volunteer practices do not work, the EPA will make it mandatory.

What are bees doing now?

Some members are having beetle troubles. It was noted if you lose a queen it allows beetles to come in. Mike suggested that the hive be put into the sun and combine bees that are left with another hive.

You can use a Swifter Sweeper Cloth as well as a Scotch Brite Cloth in the bee hive to trap beetles.

If there is a lot of empty space go ahead and reduce the hive.

If there is a queen problem, go ahead and combine hives.

If temperature is consistently below fifty degrees you cannot use sugar water. Until than you need to be feeding 2 to 1.

Lots of hives in the area are experiencing mite problems with multiple indicators such as deformed wing virus and no fur on wing bodies. Need to be checking for mites and treating now. It is recommended to purchase Vermont or Purdue Queens that have a resistance to mites.

It is time for mouse guards to be put on.

Need to combine weaker hives with stronger hives to make sure they make it through the winter. Do not combine two weak hives. Make sure you have ample stores in each hive, and then leave them alone.

The basic class should begin the first Monday in February. There will possibly be an Intro to Backyard Beekeeping at RCC.

The importance of mentors in keeping the program going was discussed and how do we keep our members coming after the class.

VSBA news :

On November 5th the Virginia Beekeepers Association meeting will be held at Weyers Cave.

In 2017 in July and August, EAS will be in Delaware. In 2018 they will come to Virginia and are looking for a location.

Our next meeting is November 14th at 7pm.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

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