August 2016 Minutes

The Northern Neck Beekeepers Club met on August 8 at 7pm. St. Stephens Church in Heathsville VA. President John Olivier opened the meeting. The minutes and treasurer report for August were approved.

The education committee gave their report. Stratford Hall on September 17 and 18th need more volunteers. Contact Jim. Dave Holt sent in all the paperwork for Boots and Barbeque.

The VSBA executive meeting has been held. They are requesting from the local clubs topics we would like to have discussed. Jim Elkins is our local representative. If you have any issues they can be directed to him.

Everyone should have harvested their honey at this time. There may be a second harvest if there is a strong late summer nectar flow.

The mite count should be 2% going into the winter.

John gave a demonstration on grafting equipment and use for a queenless colony.

* Queen cells are a better way to go instead of purchasing a queen.

* Get a better pair of magnifying glasses from Amazon

* There will be a queen grafting workshop in Spring 2017

Mike introduced our guest speaker (Brian Bickley) from Farm Family Agribusiness insurance. Brian gave us a very interesting presentation on liability on bee keeping on excellent suggestions.

* Bee Keepers Act of Virginia has not yet passed the General Assembly. If it does pass it will have positive effect for bee keepers. The Bee Act is an awareness tool not a protection negligence. (For more information go to Google and type in VDACS Bees)

* Liability was discussed if you sell honey or a nuc it is a business.

* If you are a farmer or a farm owner’s policy, make sure they know you are selling honey or a nuc.

* Home owner’s policy specifically excludes business activities and product liability as well as negligence liability.

* Set up LLC(Limited Liability Company)

* If you have bees as a hobby your home owners insurance may cover you but check with your agent.

John Olivier showed the second part of the “The Monk and the Honey Bee, The Buckfast Bee”.

Mike Notes:

It is still the Dearth season. Go in by noon with smoke as smooth and as fast as you can. After ten minutes the bees are not happy. Some sighting of Wax Moths. Check your hives for that.

Hurrricane brought more kitty litter jugs do be used. Catherine Bennett brought in NN Beekeepers Honey Bees and Recipes Cookbook.

Special condolences to the family of Dr. John Gregory, a founding member of the NN Bee Club. He was so instrumental of the formation of the Northern Neck Bee Club and efforts to educate the community on bee keeping.

Our next meeting is September 12th at 7pm.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

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